Namastay Yoga & Retreats is the brainchild of me (Amy Pilkington)! Combining all the joys loves of yoga, wellness, relaxation, food, trips away and awesome locations. You will love it!

There are weekly yoga sessions in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, check www.namastay.com.au/yoga and for more pampering we hold weekend wellness and relaxation retreats www.namastay.com.au/retreats.

I love love love being of service to people, as yoga teaching only offers an hour or so to really connect. I was hungry for more and wanted to create a place where people can immerse themselves in a weekend of wellness and relaxation, where they can stay…combined with the ingredients of love, light, peace and joy (Namaste)… which is where Namastay Yoga & Retreats was born, quirky hey!

Namastay Retreats are boutique retreats hand picking all the things I love from retreats I have attended over the years rolled in to one beautiful bundle. Current retreats includeSpring in to Summer and Glide in to Winter in NSW, Australia, with the view to move these national and worldwide.

It’s an absolute privilege to host retreats and for attendees to allow me to guide and see them evolve as they move through retreat weekends, it’s an unforgettable experience for all those involved. Don’t worry, it’s not all about yoga and meditation, there are plenty of opportunities to hang out, read a book, or take a walk. We have incredible food and workshops too! Check out our retreats page www.namastay.com.au/retreats

My first experience of yoga was in 2003 as an undergraduate at university, an awkward experience, where I walked in with the hopes that I would float out doing splits and handstands, oh how wrong I was! I spent the next five years dabbling infrequently in Kundalini yoga and gym yoga, polar opposites, but I loved the variety.

Finding my yoga rhythm more when I moved to the Isle of Man (UK), I enjoyed the health and fitness benefits that Vinyasa yoga offers. Immersing myself in Vinyasa I discovered Power Vinyasa on the beaches of Bondi (Aus), a faster paced style which links asanas (poses) with breath in sequence. Exploring deeper I was seeing shifts in not just my practice, but my outlook. Each practice I would walk out with an enhanced feeling that everything looked better, smelt better, tasted better, felt better, I felt alive and didn’t want the euphoric feeling to end! This led me along the path of teacher training where I qualified as a Power Vinyasa teacher in 2014 under Duncan Peak.

Although loving the fast paced vinyasa yoga life, I am also a huge advocate of slowing things down and chilling through Yin yoga and meditation and helping to keep the brain healthy and active. I am passionate about bringing yoga to people with cognitive impairments, and have seen first hand the difference yoga and meditation can make.

I am also a firm believer in giving back to the community including leading yoga at: Yoga in a Hat fundraisers, Huntington’s Disease camps, OneGirl Foundation (Do it in a Dress), The Nurture Exchange and NRL team Penrith Panthers.

Studies continue with teachers including Duncan Peak (Aus),Octavio Salvader (Bali), Maty Ezraty (US), Shiva Rea (US) and Sarah Powers (US).

I’d love to hear from you, connect here and tell us what you want to read more of, join a retreat, or become part of this community #namastaytribe.

Peace. Love. Namaste

Amy xx